NFBWA Mobile Teaching Lab

mobile teaching lab

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This mobile water conservation education resource is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of this vital natural resource, to encourage today’s students to become tomorrow’s stewards, and to make us aware of why we must utilize the lessons of the past to help us use water more efficiently in the future.

The North Fort Bend Water Authority is pleased to make this exciting and educational resource available for use by educators, Municipal Utility Districts, civic and community associations, and for special community events.

The Exhibits

The displays were created with many ages in mind. Water is a finite resource and must be used as efficiently to avoid wasting it! Many state water organizations have conducted research among consumers to determine the extent of their water knowledge. Virtually all of the studies have revealed that people know very little about where their water comes from and how we use it. With this in mind, the first panel (after the welcome) is an interactive wheel asking visitors to discover How Do We Use Water at Home? By turning the wheel, the percentage of water used in various ways is displayed.

Next is an interactive map of Texas, with two glass screens (one showing the state’s rivers, another with the aquifers) that slide over a topographical representation of the state.