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Find resources to meet the NFBWA requirements as our partner in subsidence prevention.

Partners in Subsidence Prevention

Consultants are vital partners to the North Fort Bend Water Authority (“NFBWA”) in the fight against subsidence. As a consultant, we need your help educating local retail water providers and the broader community about our the importance of surface water infrastructure and reclaimed water in preventing subsidence to meet the Fort Bend Subsidence District (“FBSD”) Regulatory Plan.

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The NFBWA provides resources for Water Providers to illustrate to residents why the NFBWA exists and what our fee provides.

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Our team is available to explain the who, what, when, and why of the NFBWA at your next Municipal Utility District, City, or Community Association meeting.

Interested in a specific topic? Let us know. We're happy to provide details your Retail Water Provider needs to know more about.

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“I think people don’t necessarily know, when they turn on the faucet, how much work goes into bringing them that water.”

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