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Resources for communicating NFBWA's purpose and fee to your residents.

Partners in Subsidence Prevention

Water Providers are an important partner for the North Fort Bend Water Authority (“NFBWA”) in the fight against the dangers of subsidence and the preservation of our groundwater aquifers.

Subsidence, or the sinking of the land surface over time, occurs when water is withdrawn from the ground faster than it is replenished, causing the soil to physically compact. Soil compaction is not fully reversible, so prevention is key because subsidence can cause significant flooding and costly infrastructure damage.

NFBWA was created in 2005 to prevent subsidence by the Texas Legislature. Our groundwater reduction requirements are mandated by the Fort Bend Subsidence District (“FBSD”) Regulatory Plan. To accomplish these goals, the NFBWA is reducing groundwater pumpage by providing surface water to retail water providers in the northern Fort Bend County region.

We are currently constructing the necessary infrastructure to reduce groundwater usage by 60% by 2025 to meet the next FBSD milestone.

This includes:

  • Securing surface water rights to 88 million gallons per day

  • Constructing the infrastructure to treat, convey, and deliver that surface water to our Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) Participants

  • Building our projects through the next phase of surface water conversion

Are you a NFBWA GRP Participant? Check here.

Our Fees

The vast majority of our fee is used to pay for the large-scale infrastructure projects necessary to deliver a reliable source of surface water to our area in order to prevent over pumping our precious groundwater aquifers.

Our projects are anticipated to cost the NFBWA approximately $1.3 billion dollars in capital costs, which will be paid for through bonds, with our water fees.

Unlike retail water providers, the NFBWA does not collect tax dollars to help fund our infrastructure and operations costs. Our water usage fees are the only funds NFBWA receives in order to accomplish the important mission of preventing subsidence in our community.

Learn More about Our Fees

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Resources for Water Providers

For Water Providers Comm With Res

Communicating with Your Residents

Check out our resources to help you communicate the NFBWA's purpose and fees to your residents.

For Water Providers Programs

Learn More about Our Programs

People need water, and we understand this. We are vigilant of this need and have created resources for all to use in their daily lives in an effort to help preserve our precious supply.

For Water Providers Surface Water Con

Surface Water Conversion

Wondering when you will start receiving surface water and what is involved? Learn about surface water conversion of your water distribution system here.

For Water Providers Larrys Guid

Water Provider Conservation Program Guidance

Rewarding retail water providers for water conservation. Discover what's required to successfully complete the Water Provider Conservation Program.

For Water Providers Reclaimed

Reclaimed Water Program Guidance

Get involved in our reclaimed water program and start earning rebates for your community, all while doing your part to prevent subsidence.

For Water Providers Docs

Our Policies and Plans

Full listing of NFBWA documents to help you understand who we are and how to meet our requirements.

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