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Rewarding retail water providers for water conservation. Discover if your water provider participates by visiting our online interactive map.

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Working Together to Save Water

Larry’s Water Conservation Toolbox Program, commonly called Larry’s Toolbox, is a program for our retail water providers that incentivizes water conservation initiatives. The North Fort Bend Water Authority "NFBWA" provides rebates for successfully completing the program. Larry's Toolbox has many initiatives that your retail water provider may participate in.

Examples include:

  • W.I.S.E. Guys: A licensed irrigator will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your system—checking the water patterns and frequency settings on the controller.
  • Resident Water Conservation Rebate: Rebates are offered to customers that purchase and install high efficiency water equipment.
  • High Water Usage Notifications: Correspondence is sent to a predetermined percentage of the community to inform them that their overall monthly water usage is higher than the average resident.
  • Conservation information: Correspondence is sent out encouraging water conservation actions that residents can take.
  • Tiered Rate Structures: Billing systems are set up so that the more water you use, the more you pay. The tiered, or staggered, rates are effective in helping consumers see the impact of high water usage and encouraging water savings.

Find out what initiatives your retail water provider participates in by clicking here. Not sure who your retail water provider is? Visit our online interactive map to find out.

Are you a retail water provider or consultant looking for additional guidance? Click here for information on how to successfully implement Larry's Toolbox for your community.

Why We Created Larry's Toolbox

We started this program because we saw a need to incentivize water conservation while rewarding our retail water providers for all the hard work they do.

Larry’s Toolbox offers water conservation initiatives, each worth a set number of points, that the participants sign up for. If the participant can achieve 9 points in the program year, they will start receiving a rebate the next year on all water usage fees.

It’s a voluntary program that currently has 52 of our retail water providers enrolled!


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