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Larry's Water Conservation Toolbox Program began in 2016. We now have 52 participants saving for our future.

2021 Participants

The Program

Larry’s Water Conservation Toolbox Program, commonly called Larry’s Toolbox, is a program for our retail water providers that incentivizes water conservation initiatives. Larry's Toolbox is a voluntary program offered to our GRP Participants. It offers multiple conservation initiatives to participate in. The more the merrier, as there is no penalty if you do not complete one.

Larry’s Toolbox offers water conservation initiatives, each worth a set number of points, that participants sign up for. If the participant can achieve 9 points in the program year, they will begin receiving a rebate the next year on all water usage fees.

Strut Your Success

If your retail water provider is able to gain 9 points in a calendar year, they will begin to receive a $0.10 per 1000 gallon credit on all surface and groundwater pumpage the year following program completion.

Are you a successful Participant and want to show off your efforts? We want you to! Contact us to get more neighborhood signs so we can all illustrate conservation to our neighborhoods.

Successful 2020 Program Participants

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Larrys Guidance What To Submit

What to Submit

Find submission information and deadlines in our 2021 Larry's Toolbox Data Template Excel Workbook.

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Program Details

Find specifics on the 2021 Program Year in the Toolbox Resolution.

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