Pumpage Fee Information

Groundwater:  $3.65/1000
Surface Water:  $4.00/1000

Some utility districts modify the fees charged to their customers to cover such things as leaks in their system, fire hydrant use, etc.

About the North Fort Bend Water Authority

Established by the Texas Legislature in May 2005, the North Fort Bend Water Authority was created to assist in converting the region within its boundaries from using groundwater to predominantly surface water in order to combat subsidence. The Authority acquires, develops and delivers a long-term supply of potable surface water to users in our fast-growing area.

What Is Subsidence?

Subsidence is the gradual sinking in of an area, and occurs when water is drawn from the ground faster than it can be replenished. Entire communities have been destroyed by flooding due to subsidence. The solution is to find alternative water, such as surface water. The surface water that the Authority currently uses or plans to use in the future mostly comes from the Trinity River.

Join Our Water Conservation Program

The North Fort Bend Water Authority is committed to water conservation. We’ve created Larry the Talking Sprinkler to help people understand the value of water and how to conserve it.