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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the North Fort Bend Water Authority created?

The North Fort Bend Water Authority "NFBWA" was created to provide surface water to retail water providers in the northern Fort Bend County region to prevent the sinking of the land surface, known as subsidence.

What is Subsidence and why should we be concerned about it?

Subsidence literally means that the ground is sinking, but don’t worry, the NFBWA has a plan to protect our fast-growing area.

What is the Fort Bend Subsidence District groundwater reduction timeline?

Our groundwater reduction requirements are mandated by the Fort Bend Subsidence District (“FBSD”) Regulatory Plan. The next FBSD milestone is to reduce groundwater usage by 60% by 2027.

How is the NFBWA governed?

The NFBWA is composed of seven precincts, each with one representative on our Board of Directors.

Who may serve as a director?

To qualify to serve on the Board of Directors, one must be at least 18 years old, be a resident of the NFBWA, and have served for at least four years as a municipal utility district director or, for the precinct that includes the City of Fulshear, have served as the Mayor or on the City Council of Fulshear.

How are the Directors selected?

Directors are elected by our retail water providers to serve staggered four-year terms. NFBWA Elections are held in May of even-numbered years.

Why do I have an NFBWA fee on my bill?

Retail water providers pass the NFBWA fee through to residents based on water usage and often include a mark up to pay for water loss and other monthly operations. Learn more about the NFBWA fee here.

How do I apply for a well permit?

Everything you need to know about the NFBWA aggregate well permit may be viewed here.

When am I going to get surface water?

Please visit the NFBWA’s surface water conversion information page.

Can we be part of your Groundwater Reduction Plan?

The NFBWA reviews requests to be included in our Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) on a case-by-case basis. Complete a GRP Participant Request Form and submit it to NFBWA@bgeinc.com for consideration.

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