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We prevent subsidence by delivering a long-term supply of clean surface water for our fast-growing area.

What is subsidence?

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The North Fort Bend Water Authority “NFBWA” provides surface water to retail water providers in the northern Fort Bend County region to prevent sinking of the land surface caused by over pumpage of our limited groundwater resources. This sinking of the land surface is known as subsidence.

Our mission is to provide a plentiful supply of surface water, promote water conservation, and educate the community about the precious resource of water. Our work preserves the region’s limited groundwater supply and ensures a plentiful water resource to our residents for generations to come.

About Us Keep It Flowing

Who We Are

The NFBWA was created in 2005 to prevent subsidence as part of the Fort Bend Subsidence District “FBSD” Regulatory Plan. ​ The Texas legislature created the NFBWA, determined our 141 square mile boundary, and regulated how we receive the funding necessary to accomplish our mission of preventing subsidence. The FBSD mandates groundwater reduction requirements that the NFBWA must achieve.

Our work has already reduced groundwater usage in the area by more than 30%, exceeding the first FBSD 2014 requirement. To meet the next FBSD milestone, we’re currently constructing the necessary infrastructure to reduce groundwater usage by 60% by 2027.

The NFBWA serves as an umbrella for its Groundwater Reduction Plan (“GRP”) Participants in order to secure a plentiful and cost-effective source of water that is not groundwater, termed “alternative water”. The cost would be exponential if each retail water provider had to secure their own water rights to an alternative water source and build the infrastructure necessary to convey the water. The NFBWA takes the responsibility and accountability to meet the FBSD mandates.

Our Mission

Provide a plentiful supply of clean water from multiple sources for our families now and in the future.

Conserve our groundwater and surface water supplies to provide for tomorrow’s water needs.

Educate people on the value of water, where our water comes from, and the importance of protecting this vital resource.

Thanks to years of hard work, NFBWA is the go-to source for local information regarding water, irrigation, and conservation. We are your partners in water protection and look forward to working together with residents, community organizations, and schools in our area.

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Board of Directors

The NFBWA is composed of seven precincts, each with one representative on our Board of Directors.

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Our Projects

We have created a strategy that will keep water flowing to NFBWA while reducing groundwater usage by 60% to prevent subsidence.

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What is Subsidence?

Subsidence literally means that the ground is sinking, but don’t worry, the NFBWA has a plan to protect our fast-growing area.

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