Inside the Home

Whether old or new, there is something you can do to save water.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Yes, this goes for inside our homes too. Even though appliances such as toilets, sinks, clothes washers, and dishwashers appear small, they can waste big.

Imagine a milk jug filled with water. This is one gallon. Just one dripping faucet can waste 8 milk jugs of water a day.

Sometimes we forget the impact we can also make inside our homes, so we are here to help you see the opportunities within. Let's dive in.

More Ways to Save Indoors

Inside The Home Res Wat Cons Rebate

Replace an appliance, get a rebate

Check if you qualify for money back on your water bill, in addition to saving water, with our residential water conservation rebate program.

Inside The Home Watch For Leaks

Watch for leaks

Turn off all appliances using water inside and outside of your home. Check your water meter. If the red dial is still spinning – there is water being used somewhere.

Inside The Home Buy Smart

Buy smart

Purchase high efficiency appliances next time you are due for an upgrade. The upfront money you spend will ultimately save your pocketbooks in the long run.

Inside The Home Look And Listen

Look and listen

Notice your water usage increasing? Review this helpful guide to do a full inspection of your household appliances and plumbing.

Inside The Home Check For Leaky Toilets

Check for leaking toilets

You can save 1-7 gallons per flush. All you need is a couple of minutes and food dye to test!

Inside The Home Install Aerators

Install aerators

Improve the flow of your water while saving with aerators on faucets. A very inexpensive but effective method to save water and improve quality!

“To make sure we have enough, we have to conserve water.”

Water Force Lianna

Lianna Gregorian

Water Force Member

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