Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water accounted for over 5% of all water usage in the NFBWA in 2020! Reach out to us for information on implementing a reclaimed water system in your area.

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What is Reclaimed Water?

Thanks to scientific innovation, previously used water can be made clean enough that we can reuse it for a variety of purposes. Common ways of repurposing this water is through irrigation and/or to fill amenity lakes. This type of water has strict requirements for treatment and what applications it can be used for. The Texas Water Development Board provides information on the frequently asked questions regarding reclaimed water.

Over 2 billion gallons of reclaimed water have been used by our reclaimed water systems since our program started. In 2020 alone, over 5% of all water usage in the NFBWA was reclaimed water.

Our Reclaimed Water Program

Currently 10 systems in our area are either producing reclaimed water or are under construction. These systems conserve our surface water and groundwater supplies.

In addition to conserving water, the North Fort Bend Water Authority "NFBWA" provides financial rebates or reduced water rates to retail water providers for using reclaimed water.

Are you a retail water provider or consultant looking for guidance? Click here for information on our program.


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