Reclaimed Water Program Guidance

Get involved in our reclaimed water program to start earning rebates for your community, all while doing your part to prevent subsidence.

Reuse for Rebates

The North Fort Bend Water Authority "NFBWA" provides financial rewards to our retail water providers that use reclaimed water.

Our current reclaimed water program rewards water reuse with a rebate of $0.75 per 1,000 gallons. All NFBWA Groundwater Reduction Plan "GRP" Participants are eligible to apply for our Reclaimed Water Program. This rebate lasts for a set term defined in the agreement to help you pay for installing a reclaimed water system.

If your community is planning to utilize or is already using reclaimed water, please fill out the NFBWA Alternative Water Credit Application to start earning rebates.

Contact us to set up a scoping meeting. We're also available to attend an upcoming meeting to give an overview of how this program can benefit you.

Integrated Water Management Plan

The Integrated Water Management Plan is a resource created by the NFBWA that helps evaluate the feasibility of reuse and conservation initiatives for retail water providers.

The NFBWA wants to make planning and implementing a reclaimed water system as easy as possible. There can be obstacles to consider when planning and constructing a reclaimed system and we are available to help. The NFBWA has a team of experts that can assist in determining options for water reuse and provide resources to determine financial feasibility and funding opportunities.

Reclaimed Water Guidance Chester

“People don’t understand that reuse and reclaimed water is all about sustainability.”

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Chester Pleasant

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