Native and Adaptive Plants

We love our plants, they bring joy to life. Keep beauty and color in your landscape while saving water.

Beauty for Less

When people hear the word "xeriscape" or "native and adaptive plants", dessert scenes are visualized. Well guess what? For us, in the Gulf Coast region, this is not the case at all.

What a lot of us are not aware of is that when we practice using "native and adaptive plants" in our landscape, it'll remain beautiful, if not more gorgeous, and you will save a lot of water overall.

Native and adaptive plants either grow naturally or are adaptable to a particular region, ecosystem, and habitat. They thrive in an environment most when they are planted in places that match their growing and watering needs. They are an excellent way to reduce the need for excess watering since they are very comfortable in Texas.

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“The use of native and adaptive plants can save a lot of water.”

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Whitney Milberger

Water Force Member and NFBWA Conservation Manager

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So many choices, where to begin? The plants on this list are native or have adapted to our area, which means they're already prepared for our climate.

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