HOA Water Usage Analysis Program

Sponsored by the NFBWA

We heard you HOAs! It's finally here.

The NFBWA has a new program specifically for community associations!

The NFBWA has partnered with Masuen Consulting, LLC to help community associations identify potentials in saving common space irrigation costs.

The Program will create a water use analysis (WUA) report for HOAs/community associations upon request. The WUA is an accurate comparison of the water volume and cost to operate the current irrigation system under current management metrics with the water volume and the potential cost if irrigating with improvements to design, maintenance, and management.

The report provided by Masuen Consulting, LLC may be used by board members, and other stakeholders, to calculate a Return on Investment (ROI) of potential system upgrades and/or investments in advanced system management practices.

Steps for the Water Use Analysis consultation:

1) Receive a site-specific questionnaire intended to better inform the consultant of local conditions and circumstances that influence the management of the irrigation system.

2) An online video conference will be scheduled to review results and potential solutions.

3) Following the completion of this program, a more well-informed HOA board can plan for next steps.

To get started, Contact our Program Partner at wua@masuenconsulting.com.


“More than 50% of water used is deemed unnecessary for common space irrigation in many local developments.”

@ almost $5/1000 gallons... using on average about 1 million per month

You do the math :)

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