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The NFBWA is your local partner in water protection.

Protecting Your Community

The North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) was created by the Texas Legislature in 2005 to find sustainable water sources for residents. In 16 years, we have created a strategy that will reduce groundwater use by 60%, keep the northern parts of Fort Bend County’s water flowing, and hold back the dangers of subsidence, all while maintaining our groundwater reserves for future generations.

We also work to educate and collaborate within the local community. Thanks to years of hard work, the NFBWA is the go-to source for local information regarding water, irrigation, and conservation.

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Read about the impressive infrastructure being built in our community to provide you with a reliable source of surface water.

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Explore the programs we created to help our community use our most valuable resource, water, to its maximum use.

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We teach the community about the value of water. Request us to attend your next community event.

Our Fees

As of January 01, 2021

Groundwater – $4.25 per 1,000 gallons and

Surface Water – $4.60 per 1,000 gallons

To help pay for the area’s necessary water saving infrastructure, The NFBWA charges water fees to your local retail water provider and other well owners in our boundary based on water use.

How Our Fees Work

We do not charge residents directly. Your retail water providers passes our fee through to you based on your water usage. This often includes a markup to pay for water loss and other monthly operations too. Basically, the more you use, the more you pay!

Find your exact rate by contacting your retail water provider’s customer service representative. Not sure who your retail water provider is? Visit our online interactive map to find out.

What Our Fee Provides

The vast majority of our fee is used to pay for the large-scale infrastructure projects necessary to deliver a reliable source of surface water to our area in order to prevent over pumping our precious groundwater aquifers and the dangers of subsidence. Unlike retail water providers, the NFBWA does not collect tax dollars to help fund our infrastructure and operations costs. Our water usage fees are the only means of funding the NFBWA receives.

Click here for information on how you can lower your water bill by conserving water – all while doing your part to prevent subsidence in our area.

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Explore how to be more conscious of your water usage in and out of your home.

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Visit our online interactive map to find your water provider, view our program participants, and discover our projects.

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Find information on upcoming Board of Director meetings, posted minutes from previous meetings, and customized news for our community.

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