Water Provider Conservation Program

Congratulations 2023 Participants!

Conserving Water can Boost Your Budget

As a water provider, you want to make the most of your budget. And you want residents to watch their water usage.

The NFBWA Water Provider Conservation Program helps you do both—you can boost your budget and encourage water conservation.

Formerly known as Larry’s Toolbox, the program has a new name but the same important goal: To conserve water in the North Fort Bend community and prevent subsidence.

Are you working towards your 2024 goals? Find your Program resources here.

Upon successful completion of conservation initiatives, you can earn a rebate on groundwater pumpage and surface water delivery fees.

Getting Started

Once you’re enrolled in the Water Provider Conservation Program, you’ll need to do three things to get started:

1. Create a Conservation Committee

Create a Board of Director or City Council conservation committee, and appoint a community liaison to help engage the community.

2. Send High Water User Notifications

Send high water user notifications to residents whose monthly water use is higher than average.

3. Distribute Conservation Information

Distribute water conservation materials to residents at least four times a year (materials provided by NFBWA).

Program resources and submittal documents may be found here.

Pick Your Conservation Initiatives

To earn a rebate, you'll complete three initiatives from the Pick Three category or one initiative from the Pick One category:

Pick Three

Residential Rebate

Residential Rebate

Have 0.5% of residents participate in the resident rebate program. NFBWA administers the rebate programs for Participants.

Smart Meter Portal

Smart Meter Portals

Develop and execute a campaign to increase the use of smart meter portals. This initiative is for Participants who have an AMR/AMI setup.


W.I.S.E. Guys

Have 2.25% of residents participate in W.I.S.E. Guys, a free irrigation system evaluation for residents.

Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

Hold a community conservation event, arrange interactive school visits, or participate in the Fort Bend Subsidence District Water Wise program.

ET Weather Station

E.T Weather Station

Install a new weather station and share data with the NFBWA. NFBWA provides guidance on achieving goals; participation is limited.

Integrated Water Management Plan

Integrated Water Management Plan

Evaluate current and planned water systems to consider how reclaimed water can be utilized.

Or Pick One

HOA Water Budgets

HOA Water Budgets

Have HOAs create water budgets for annual water usage and strive to stay within the budget parameters for the cumulative year.

Smart Meter Installation

Smart Meter Installation

Plan, budget, and begin installation of smart meters for residents, and create a water leak detection plan.

Advanced Irrigation Scheduling

Advanced Irrigation Scheduling

Create a plan for water reduction using best practices and enhanced irrigation central control systems.

Unique Programming

NEW! Unique Programming

Have an idea for something not listed above? Talk to us! Together we can find how you can conserve more.

Get a Rebate

It’s rebate time! When you meet your annual goals, you earn a rebate on groundwater pumpage and surface water delivery fees that is applied the following year. During the process, the NFBWA is with you every step of the way—we’re here to give support and resources, so you can achieve your conservation goals.

Find Participant resources here.

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Interested in the fine print? You got it: Read the NFBWA Board of Directors Water Provider Conservation Program resolution.

Want to learn more about the Water Provider Conservation Program directly from NFBWA? Please watch our webinars on YouTube.


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