Outdoor Water Usage

Studies show that up to 50% of the water we use outdoors in hopes of improving our landscapes is not needed.

Watering Season

We see our water bills skyrocket in the summer. We know it's because our plants and grass need water, but are we even watering the right amount?

We are also told to water in the late evening, but most of us are asleep so we may not be aware of what our sprinkler system is doing.

Well guess what? With some tune ups and good direction you can grow healthier plants all while saving money on your water bill and doing your part to prevent subsidence. It's a win win.

Looking to hire someone to fix your sprinkler system? Make sure you hire a Texas Licensed Irrigator. Search for one here.

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Grow Green, Save Green

Outdoor Water Usage Lawn Maint Lessons

Lawn maintenance from the pros

Learn from the pros! This helpful collection of videos will teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your lawn.

Outdoor Water Usage Add Rain Sensors

Add a rain sensor

These very small and inexpensive items will save you huge on your watering bill if programmed correctly! Find out why here.

Outdoor Water Usage Program Your Irr Cont

Program your irrigation controller

From watering times to features most household controllers have, the NFBWA shows features to help plants receive more useful water.

Outdoor Water Usage Dis TX Landscape

Discover Texas landscape water needs

Our bills may be high yet our grass is brown, so what do we do? Find out how much to water here.

Outdoor Water Usage Trips Tricks

Tips & tricks for outdoors

These water-saving tips and tricks will help you tune up your outdoor watering practices to conserve more water.

Outdoor Water Usage LG Technical

Let's get technical

Learn about turf grass varieties and their watering needs so you can optimize your lawn maintenance practices.

“Make sure that your outdoor sprinklers are on time, they’re tuned up, you’re not wasting any water.”

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