Surface Water Conversion

Design and construction information about our surface water supply.

Surface Water Supply

To provide surface water to our Groundwater Reduction Plan "GRP" Participants, we first have to construct the infrastructure necessary to treat and convey 88 million gallons of water per day (MGD) from the east side of the Houston Region to northern Fort Bend County. Getting surface water to the North Fort Bend Water Authority "NFBWA" is estimated to cost a total of $1.3 billion.

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What's the plan?

An additional 68.5 MGD of surface water is projected to be available to NFBWA in 2026. The NFBWA is striving to convert as many of our GRP Participants as possible to surface water.

Reach out to us to inquire when you're expected to get surface water.

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Water Plant Design

The NFBWA constructs the distribution line and meter station to our GRP Participant connections. Our GRP Participants design and construct facility improvements required to receive surface water, including conversion to chloramine disinfection. Contact us for reimbursement questions.

New water plant facilities located within our boundaries should be designed to accommodate surface water and chloramine disinfection infrastructure. Our Design Manual includes design criteria that must be followed for surface water conversions. Contact us for the latest design details.

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Surface Water Water Plant Design

Design Guidance


NFBWA Design Manual

Design criteria for water line and water plants. Contact us for the latest Design Standards and CAD drawings.


Crossing Guidelines

General notes, surface crossing, buried utility crossing, and aerial crossing guidance.


Chloramine Conversion

General information about the use of chloramine disinfection in the conversion to surface water.

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