NFBWA Water Conservation Programs

Larry the Talking Sprinkler

The Larry’s Water Conservation Toolbox Program offers incentives to help the public reduce water usage.

Larry’s Water Conservation Toolbox offers;

  • Free Irrigation System Evaluation via the W.I.S.E. Guys
  • Resident Water Conservation Rebate
  • High Water User Notification
  • Conservation Information
  • Native & Adaptive Plant Outreach
  • Effective Tiered Rates
  • Rain Barrels

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 NFBWA’s Mobile Teaching Lab

This mobile water conservation education resource is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of this vital natural resource, to encourage today’s students to become tomorrow’s stewards, and to make us aware of why we must utilize the lessons of the past to help us use water more efficiently in the future.

The North Fort Bend Water Authority is pleased to make this exciting and educational resource available for use by educators, Municipal Utility Districts, civic and community associations, and for special community events.

NFBWA Mobile Teaching Lab

W.I.S.E. Guys

FREE irrigation system evaluation

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Take advantage of a FREE irrigation system evaluation — with no strings attached. A licensed irrigator will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your system — checking the water patterns and frequency settings on the controller.

You’ll have access to the results online to help you learn how to use water more efficiently on yard and landscaped areas. That’s it…no pressure…you decide how to use the information. Upon completion of the evaluation, you’ll be automatically entered into a monthly drawing for a prize such as gift card or a smart irrigation controller.

MUDS Participating in the FREE irrigation system evaluation.

  • Cinco MUD No. 1
  • Cinco MUD No. 2
  • Cinco MUD No. 3
  • Cinco MUD No. 5
  • Cinco MUD No. 6
  • Cinco MUD No. 7
  • Cinco MUD No. 8
  • Cinco MUD No. 9
  • Cinco MUD No. 10
  • Cinco MUD No. 12
  • Cinco MUD No. 14
  • Cinco SW MUD No. 1
  • Cinco SW MUD No. 2
  • Cinco SW MUD No. 3
  • Cinco SW MUD No. 4
  • City of Fulshear
  • Cornerstones MUD
  • FBCMUD No. 2
  • FBCMUD No. 30
  • FBCMUD No. 34
  • FBCMUD No. 35
  • FBCMUD No. 37
  • FBCMUD No. 41
  • FBCMUD No. 50
  • FBCMUD No. 57
  • FBCMUD No. 58
  • FBCMUD No. 118
  • FBCMUD No. 119
  • FBCMUD No. 122
  • FBCMUD No. 123
  • FBCMUD No. 124
  • FBCMUD No. 130
  • FBCMUD No. 133
  • FBCMUD No. 134B
  • FBCMUD No. 134C
  • FBCMUD No. 134D
  • FBCMUD No. 134E
  • FBCMUD No. 142
  • FBCMUD No. 143
  • FBCMUD No. 146
  • FBCMUD No. 151
  • FBCMUD No. 156
  • FBCMUD No. 165
  • FBCMUD No. 185
  • FBCMUD No. 194
  • Grand Lakes MUD No. 1
  • Grand Lakes MUD No. 2
  • Grand Lakes MUD No. 4
  • Harris Fort Bend MUD No. 1
  • North Mission Glen MUD
  • Willow Point MUD