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Fort Bend Subsidence District

The Fort Bend Subsidence District ("FBSD") uses exceptional scientific research to ensure the best available technology and approaches are considered with respect to water management and subsidence monitoring. Types of research sponsored by the District include:

  • Evaluation of projected population and future water demands
  • Development of subsidence models to simulate future subsidence based on projected water demands
  • Measurement of annual water-level to show the impact of conversion requirements on the water-level in the aquifer
  • Assessment of alternative water supplies including brackish groundwater use and aquifer storage and recovery

Research from the FBSD

FBSD Annual Groundwater Report

The determination of groundwater withdrawal and subsidence in Fort Bend County.

View the 2022 Annual Report

FBSD Annual Subsidence Rates 2022

United States Geological Survey

The United States Geological Survey ("USGS") was created by Congress to provide objective and impartial science to support resource managers, emergency response, and the public with information critical for decision-making.

The USGS has conducted studies on subsidence since the 1920s when researchers discovered that aquifers are compressible.

Subsidence Information from the USGS

Highlighted Research from the USGS


Water-Level Altitudes

Long-term and short-term water level changes in the Chicot, Evangeline and Jasper Aquifers - Greater Houston Area, Texas - 2022


Hydrogeology and Land-Surface Subsidence

Southeast Texas - 1897-2018


Estimated Land-Surface Subsidence

Harris County, Texas - 1915-17 to 2001


Ground-Water withdrawals & Land-Surface subsidence

Houston-Galveston, Texas 1906-80

Texas Water Development Board

The Texas Water Development Board ("TWDB") was created to ensure a secure water supply for the State of Texas. Part of this effort includes collection and distribution of water-related data.

Subsidence Information from the TWDB

Highlighted Research from the TWDB


Land-Surface Subsidence

Houston-Galveston Region, Texas 1977


Analog Model Study of Ground Water

Houston, Texas - 1965


Pumpage of Ground Water and Fluctuation of Water Levels

Houston, Baytown and La Porte, Texas - 1957-61


Pumpage of Ground Water and Fluctuations of Water Levels

Houston and Baytown-La Porte, Texas - 1955-57

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