Amended Rate Order 12-19-2019

Annual audit for fiscal year ending December 31, 2019

Notice of Adoption of Amended Rate Order

Drought Contingency Plan 4-24-2019

Water Conservation Plan – 4-2019

Amended Rate Order December 20, 2018

Alternative Water Credit Application

NFBWA IRMA Certificate June 2018

NFBWA receives the 2016 Sustainability Practice Award

2015 Utility Services Consumed Report

Interconnect Notification Form

Policy on Minimum Well Capacity 9-24-2014

NFBWA Water Conservation Plan Requirement Notice 11-2011

Resolution Adoption of Water Conservation Credits 1-2009

Resolution Adopting Amended and Restated Over-Conversion Credit Policy 11-21-13

Resolution Adopting Crossing Guidelines for Authority Realty Interests – 4-2011

Resolution Adopting Policy on Early Construction of Surface Water Lines Due to Developer-District Requests – 3-2011

MUD Conversion Requirements 6-22-2009

MUD Deadlines for Chloramine Conversion – 6-2009

Summary of the 2003 Fort Bend Subsidence District Regulatory Plan

Fort Bend Subsidence District Regulatory Plan 2003

PRO System Manual

Larry’s Toolbox Documents

Resolution Establishing the 2020 Larry’s Toolbox Water Conservation Program

2020 Toolbox Enrollment Form Fillable

2019 Larry’s Toolbox Water Conservation Program Guide and Enrollment Form